Digital business cards management system

FlareCard is a subsciption based service where digital cards can be created. The cards can contain a multitude of details which are visible when visiting the card url or scanning the QR code included with them.

The application is integrated with API so physical cards can be purchased right from FlareCard itself.

Users can follow the cards and be updated whenever something changes in the card details, such as contact changes or even when new posts are created on the owner's blogs.

Mix online and offline data with the same business card

FlareCard allows sharing of user's data in many possible ways: card url, via a card unique email address, QR code or using all the sharing possibilities provided by the AddThis service.

Business cards can be customized by selecting color themes and include logo or picture prior to printing them using or downloading the free pdf files for printing anywyere.

Graphical statistics are generated to better view the visits to the cards. FlareCard is localized into English and Spanish.

Responsive design, your data always looks good

The card view is adapted to the used device and can be further customized by selecting from a set of background pictures.

The card details are easily accessed by enabling call with a click, launching phone maps, sending email or viewing any profiles right withing this view, for example navigating the user's tweets or other social networks.

The personal contact data can be set as private from the management views of the application.

Cards can be also easily shared from this view to facebook or twitter. A vcard version of the card can be requested so the new contact can also be automatically added to the phone contacts.