Toucan (not publicly available)

Wireless Entertainment System

Toucan Wireless Entertainment is a service used to provide internet content to private networks. Content is stored offline and accessed from any device over a wify connection.

Making the most of available internet content

The Toucan server is able to periodically fetch, store and reformat content for its own reuse. Its administration system provides functionality to manage content sources, repositories, destination servers and the content organization.

It is able to handle RSS feeds, mobile sites, pdf files, images, audio, video and generate its own contents as simple webpages.

Made for handheld devices

Toucan is made with handheld devices in mind. Content is mainly consumed from mobiles and tablets, thought any computer can access its content offering.

The service user interface is localized in several languages. Several UI layout configurations can be defined from the administration side of the system.

Branding for different operators is also available for several UI components.